XX_RAFFS_ANIRaff Recycling Corporation

has been in the recycling business for over 60-years.   Raff’s is a small corporation with BIG corporate delivery.   At Raff’s there is a proven track record for prompt processing and delivery of recycled materials serving the domestic market.   We pride ourselves on prompt payment for purchased material and when you call our office, you will speak to a person, not a machine!conytainer truck2

Raff Recycling Corporation provides quality material, prompt service and quick payment while maintaining personal service, something larger companies cannot.   That’s why you will continue to do business with Raff Recycling.


History of Raff Recycling


Raff Recycling was opened before the United States entered World War II by Charles Raff’s father.  Back then it was called a “rag man”, not recycling center.   The business was run by Raff’s father out of one building, that is now the office. In the past, a large horse and wagon was used to pick up and sell outdated newspapers, worn clothing and stuff people no longer wanted.  Today, it has grown to a large yard with several buildings and now handles millions of pounds of material a year.